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A First Time Trip to South Africa

Those who are visiting South Africa for the first time are in for a wonderful experience. Before doing this, there are some essential things which they may want to know. To begin with, they are going to enjoy the modernisation of this region.


Tourism is gaining momentum in South Africa, but there are some safety precautions to be taken. Visitors should stay in the tourist areas. They should not make themselves vulnerable to thieves.

A Relaxed Environment

A lot of people who visit South Africa for the first time are surprised by the relaxed environment. Most tourists are used to a busy lifestyle and welcome the laid back atmosphere which is present here.


Sightseeing will probably be high on the list for many who visit here. Two preferred modes of travel are Uber for short distances or car rentals for those who want to take longer trips. There are taxis available as well.

The Safaris

One of the main reasons visitors like to go to South Africa is to experience a safari. This is a big adventure here, and there will be many different opportunities for those who want to participate.

Best Time to Go to South Africa

This is going to depend on the purpose of the visit to South Africa. For example, if it is for a safari, then the best time is during the dry season. This is between May to September.


Although the region is relaxed and laid back, time goes fast here. Before taking a trip to South Africa, it is worth doing some planning.

Travelling to South Africa

Those travelling to South Africa from Britain, Europe or the States are in for a long haul flight. We recommend various activities to pass the time during your flight; reading, meditating, and even perhaps playing a few online casino games from your mobile or tablet!